Vidéo – The difficulties of the novel « Queen of the trailer park » for its translator, Alexandra Maldwyn Davies.

In the last book fair in London,

the corner of translators had organized a round table
between different translators
who came to expose us the specifics of this profession
and talk to us more specifically about their latest work on a fiction novel.
It is in this context that Alexandra Maldwyn Davies, my translator,
presented the characteristics of Queen of the trailer park,
and the translation difficulties she met there.
In the first vidéo, she is introduced (sorry the part is cut) by Gabriella PageFort.
Video in English.

Enjoy the video, but sorry it was shoot during the fair, with my smartphone !!!

1/ Rosie Maldonne’s Presentation by Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies,
translator of the cosy fun mystery novel : « Queen of the trailer park »
Capture d’écran 2016-01-11 à 12.24.10

2/ Alexandra talks about « Queen of the trailer park » and the character, Rosie Maldonne

Capture d’écran 2016-01-11 à 12.32.04

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