Dear English-speaking friends,

I beg your forgiveness for the following lines, which reflect my poor ability speaking English….
Writing is the gift I decided one day to give myself by understanding that life would be short and that happiness would be up to me.
This awareness forces me to make an appointment every day to dream, escape, laugh, cry, smile, with myself and with my characters I have met over the years.
It allows me to keep my spirits up, to stay fit and to have the courage to move forward in all circumstances.
I think it’s contagious because readers experience the same symptoms when they read me.
I had the chance to be successful with the series of cosy fun mystery novels:  » Rosie Maldonne’s world ». The joy of writing more episodes to Rosie Maldonne’s tribulations was part of the wonderful outcome of this success, because I didn’t know at first that this walk would last more than one volume!
I like to change my writing style and explore different genres, that’s why you will find in my bibliography funny mysteries, historical suspense stories, a very black novel and a luminous feel-good…
You will have understood it, in my joy of writing there is also the exhilaration of exploring new spaces. That’s why, like a gold digger, I prospect for various genres, discovering mines of new characters, always fascinating, but so different from each other! It is thanks to these incursions that I feel alive.
I have some similarities with Rosie Maldonne, the heroine of « Queen of the trailer park »…
Like her, I live in the South of France, I am disorganized, I have a family, kids, cats, and I even lived in a caravan !
My motto would be something like: « Don’t panic, when you reach the bottom you always end up going up again. »
I thank my readers for the digital success of Rosie, which has allowed me to experience exciting events for an author: translations into English, Spanish, audio versions, traditional editions and wonderful encounters with readers, email exchanges, on social networks….

A series of explosive funny mystery comedies: Rosie Maldonne's World
A series of explosive funny mystery comedies: Rosie Maldonne's World
A series of explosive funny mystery comedies: Rosie Maldonne's World
A historical mystery trilogy: Belle Epoque Mystery in Cannes
A tender suspense comedy:
Una explosiva novela cómica
"A day without laughter is a lost day".
Charlie Chaplin