The boy who dreamed of flying in a Cadillac

A feel good mystery novel
Alice Quinn, author of « Queen of the Trailer Park », best digital sale in 2013 in France, gives us this sweet heart-warming crime story.
With his father unknown and his mother in prison – our young hero, Ranko, is a repeat escape artist from the social services. He has but one true aim: to reach his father… who he tells everyone is a pirate on a far-flung island. This is set to be a real tear-jerker!
 But how will he fund his trip?
 Don’t sweat it! Ranko has one hell of a plan – to rob senior citizens on their way out of the bank.
 One fine morning, as he’s hiding out in front of a bank, he spots Jo, a man past his prime, stepping out of a superb candy-pink Cadillac, wearing cowboy boots and a rocker’s quiff with his belly protruding from a tight red leather jacket.
 Ranko points his gun at the golden oldie, pockets his money and is just about to get out of there… when he feels something holding him back.
 It’s as if there’s an invisible thread between them.
 Will he find his father… or is it the running away that counts most for this kid?
Tenderness, humor, suspense and French jazz-musette await in a captivating Paris – a Paris we all know and love.
A few comments:
 “That same Quinn humor I love! The prose flows perfectly, and I got so attached to the colourful characters!” MARIEBO
 “Reading this novel is like taking a deep breath! You’ll feel in such a good mood and so relaxed after reading it!” SOISIK
 “An ode to Paris! An ode to music! An ode to happiness joy, love, humor and tenderness!” MICHÈLE.
About the author :
Alice Quinn lives on the French Riviera, surrounded by her family and cats. She was a great success with the series of mysteries Rosie Maldonne, (1st volume: « Queen of the trailer park »). She loves changed genre and style, and while pursuing the trilogy of historical mystery, a trilogy taking place at the Belle-Époque in Cannes (1st volume: « The crumpled letter ») she gives us here a « heart-warming crime story » full of humor and tenderness. Rosie isn’t in it… but it’s just as much fun! For more information on the author, visit his site