#CONTEST Queen of the masquerade

capture-decran-2016-11-05-a-11-09-48 #CONTEST Queen of the masquerade by Alice Quinn

Here we go!

How to participate in the contest?

You have until the 12th of November to register by clicking here.
capture-decran-2016-11-04-a-17-17-08 You will then receive the terms of the contest.

What is the contest’s details?

An excerpt of the novel “Queen of the masquerade” is chosen by the author
and will be sent directly to your email.
You will film yourself reading this excerpt from Queen of the masquerade.
Your selfie-video will be published on Alice Quinn’s blog, on social networks and on YouTube.

As participant, you are guaranteed to win, choice:

– a Magnet depicting the book’s cover
– or a T-shirt with the image of Rosie Maldonne
– or a hard copy novel Queen of the Masquerade
– or a lined notebook of Rosie Maldonne to write you diary while thinking about Rosie
In addition to the eternal gratitude of the author!

You will then be informed from time to time
(not too often, it’s too much work!) of the author’s news.
Only those who registered before the 12th of November
and having sent their selfie-video in time will receive a gift.

The 3 most “WATCHED” videos on YouTube
will receive a special prize that is still secret for now.


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