J-2 Launching of Queen of the trailer park by Alice Quinn / J-2 sortie de Queen of the trailer park en anglais!

Alice Quinn scared
ça se rapproche…
Prévenez vos amis de langue anglaise…

« Rosie Maldonne is sexy, outspoken and very poor.
With 3 children and a cat, life is rude.
One day, she finds a lot of money in a trash can. Her life will be transformed.
For better or for worse? »
This novel is available free on 1st of may 2015 one month during,
For all the readers on Kindle Fisrt,

Gratuit à partir du 1er mai à cette page pour tous les Kindle First:


with a promotional rate for others readers on same page.

Then, official launching on 1st of june 2015.

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