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My last novel, The Crumpled Letter,
a crime Belle-Epoque story, with Maupassant himself,
located in Cannes, French Riviera.

On the French Riviera during the Belle Epoque, a murder draws two women into the dangerous shadows of Europe’s privileged elite…

One spring evening in 1884, beautiful young courtesan Lola Deslys discovers the lifeless body of a chambermaid hidden in the gardens of the Hôtel Beau Rivage in Cannes. Even more distressing is that Lola knows the girl well. When the inquiry into her murder fails to reveal a single substantial clue, Lola is persuaded by novelist Guy de Maupassant to delve into the case on her own.

Eager to exert her independence and defy conventions, Lola agrees. But she needs help in her investigation, and there’s no better partner in her pursuit—however unlikely—than Miss Gabriella Fletcher, a highborn, well-educated, and currently disgraced English governess.

To solve this dreadful crime, Lola and Miss Fletcher must navigate the depths of respectable society. But will their determination suffice in a city where fortune, secrets, men, and appearances reign supreme?


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 » If you like Erin Brokovitch or Kimmy Schmidt, you’ll love Rosie Maldonne. »

MonaLisa-QueenTrailerPark My Books in english (the 3 books série):

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On this page you will find my presentation in English.
To show you how much I think of you,
dear English readers friends,
you will find inside the site / blog from time to time, scattered, articles in English.
Some bilingual English / French, others in English only.

Please, forgive my bad English, I do not use any translator here,
and I
‘m not fluent in English sorry …

ALICE-QUIN_6192-2-petiteMy name is Alice Quinn.
Since 2013, I live a wonderful experience as a writer.
My novel, published January 9, 2013 digitally on Kindle France in French, conquered many e-readers in France becoming number 1 in France in digital sales for 2013!
This adventure was fabulous, exciting and rewarding.
I felt a deep sense of independence and freedom.
There was a time I was looking for an escape, a way to earn my independence, my freedom of copyright.
I finally won. Thank you to my readers.
After the success of my self-published adventure, Rosie Maldonne Mystery series, a thriller-comedy both crazy and unrealistic,
is now among several publishers: Michel Lafon, in the selling club « France Loisirs » and soon « City editions ».

I am infinitely grateful to them and to my character, Rosie Maldonne.
Last but not least, I also met the teams and Amazon Crossing and Amazob Publishing edition , cirrently my publishers in english language, during the London Book Fair, and it was really an amazing opportunity.
I fell myself like in a cadillac, riding  on a wonderfull road.
What a delightful encounter with lovely people like Gabriela PageFort, Galen Maynard, Bryn Savage, Sarah Jane Gunter, Jeff Belle, Elizabeth DeNoma, Bryanka, Timony, Laura, Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies, my so talentuous translator, and Clément Monjou, (french publisher for Amazon Publishing)  and all the one I forget certainly -forgive me …

Now I can also add to these terrific people, the team Sof haftesbury US films, which is closely interested in the adaptation of the series on TV: Maggie Murphy and Kris Galuska.

And thanks a lot  for her support, to my agent, Catherine Winckellmuller.

That’s why I decided to create this blog Alice Quinn, then to translate it into English.
You will find in time will pass: my novels, interviews given to other bloggers or authors,
my videos and trailers, my links, my current events,
meetings or signatures and photos at random.

I’m like a laborious and patient ant, I will take care of this blog only very sporadically,
because what I want first, it is lightness

Alice Quinn

To learn more, visit my Amazon author page.

Quotes from Alice Quinn (forgive the bad english translated) :
« I love to laugh. I love when my books are good for the reader.
For me rather die than to annoy a reader! Life is hard enough like it is. »
« I decided to laugh and make people laugh to stay healthy, when I found this quote from Voltaire: ‘I decided to be happy because it’s good for my health’ I copied his motto.  »
« The humor came to me late. When I was young I was always in tragedy and melodrama. Now I love to laugh. Laugh seems to me the most precious good in the world. It is for me a sign of dignity, courage and elegance. The most mistreated by life People, are those who have the most sense of humor. However humor is something it is difficult to share because we all have a sense of humor that we own. « 

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  1. Thank you, Alice! I’m reading Queen of the Trailer Park now and love it. Humor and suspense is a wonderful genre, and hard to pull off, but you rock it!

  2. Thank you so much Linda, taking time to write this worlds wich are so important for an author!
    So glad you love Rosie!!!
    wish we stay in contact!

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